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Updated: May 15, 2019

If your car starts to spin out of control, the intuitive thing to do is to turn out of the spin, right? Well, turns out, that's the very wrong thing to do.

Last year I met with my shaman, Dannielle Bryan. We were having coffee when I shared it was time for me to leave my job, but I needed a plan.

Earlier in our conversation I told her about an accident I had 24 years ago. My little truck started hydroplaning across the freeway during the morning commute with my 3-year-old son strapped in his booster seat, crying. I was turning out of the spin - worried about hitting other cars - but I only managed to perpetuate an event that totaled my truck but left my baby unscathed.

I later learned the way to stop the spin is anything but intuitive. To regain control - I should have turned into it.

Referring to this newfound piece of wisdom, Dannielle said the same might be true regarding my desire to delay leaving my job until I had a plan, which seemed both wise and intuitive.

In short - sometimes the "right" thing to do seems insane.

The conversation was more in depth and I knew in my heart she was right. The next day I attended the three-day Powerful-U conference in Salt Lake City and when I returned to work - I gave my notice.

Turning into the spin does not mean the road will be smooth and easy. Nothing worthwhile ever is.

Part of my motivation to leave was to work on my projects like my podcast and writing. However, I did need to pay my bills so I tried my hand at contract work and we'll just say - no bueno.

However, I have to say, I was touched by the support of the city staff and community after I left. I miss covering the city council and planning commission meetings as well as all of the other events. But life was calling me to go down another path - and that is what this blog is about.

The information shared in this blog contains experiences, thoughts and feelings I thought I would never reveal to anyone. But as you'll learn - my journey of Loving the F and redefining the forbidden in my own life has led me to Waking Aphrodite - a project in the making - well, my entire life.

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