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Daughters of Perdition

Daughters of Perdition STORIES.jpg

Molly and Rio first met last May in what proved to be awkward and slightly uncomfortable for them both.

You see - Molly had recently started dating a boy who had broken up with Rio not long before.

It was through specific intention and effort that their connection started and it wasn’t long before they were sharing warmth, laughter, and glitter along the way.

As their friendship grew and blossomed into a truly solid friendship – they took it further and began to choreograph and perform their first burlesque act – together.

After months of sharing creativity and opening their hearts to one another, the Daughters of Perdition was born.

These sinful lasses describe their bond best with “Anam Cara” – a Celtic phrase describing a twin-flame type of relationship.

Compersion, compassion and unflinching, unconditional love are the pillars of this dynamic duo.

Proof that when women come together, magic happens.

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