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Who knew working graveyard at the local 7-Eleven would change this then, insecure, 17-year-old boys life. I had always wanted to be a dancer and I wore out every VHS tape my mom bought me – practicing for hours upon hours.
But one night while working – my two belly mamas walked in all decked out in their hip scarfs, skirts and jewels…I was mesmerized and soon I was taking classes at the community center.
But I still didn’t feel good enough. Even so, I kept showing up for myself and my confidence began to grow and I soon joined my first troupe.
Being the only boy, however, I felt I had to be masculine amidst all the feminine…more struggle finding myself. Over time that boy grew stronger and found courage to be exactly who he wanted to be – a beautiful man at one with his feminine side.
Finally embracing my passion – my confidence continued to grow and I was competing in different state competitions and continuing my training with Utah’s premier dance teachers.
Soon I was performing in different shows - performing in drag shows which helped me become even more confident wearing makeup, skirts and lots of shiny, fancy bling.
I currently help manage a show in Provo and offer performance coaching, helping new performers find that fire within. 
I will always see myself as a student and continue to take classes from all over the nation because my journey is just beginning and growth is my goal. I want to see what lies ahead because life has shown me that as I continue to embrace the realness of me – my world becomes even more beautiful, happier and whole.

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