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Gypsy Moonshine


Like all stories start…

In a land far, far, away, called Brigham City, there lived a fabulous gypsy princess and she had a ton of different passions, you know, just like we all do.

She had passions of dance,  art, crafting and sewing - all the fun things.

Shootings, archery, so much passion and love.

And we need to actually nurture these passions and discover what other passions we have inside of us.

But along the way of discovering our passions sometimes,

like this gypsy princes might have done,

you fall for a passion you think is right for the moment.

He looks so lovely, so tempting, my Aphrodite love.

And you fall for this passion but,

not all passions are exactly what you expect them to be.

Sometimes you want to appease this passion, this person,

and you begin to cut out certain things, maybe about yourself or things you love,

some of your Aphrodite passions.

Little by little you cut a little bit more out.

Maybe it's not just your passions but maybe some of your interests that you feel, “Maybe I shant do this, maybe they don’t like that.”

Or “Maybe I shant hang out with this person anymore because they don’t really like this person.” And so you stop these different things,

you cut them out of your life and you begin to let go of these different pieces of yourself until slowly you become this different image.

This cookie-cutter image of yourself and slowly that can begin to crush you.

Because without our passions, without our interests, and without our love, it can start to really crush us.

Sometimes we don’t even know we’re being crushed until maybe like this gypsy princess,

that not so handsome prince put you in the ER.

And you’re sitting there like, “What the fuck? I don’t belong here,”

and he is out the door!

So, you kick out the not so "prince."

And you begin to rediscover these passions, rediscover these interesters, rediscover those friends and maybe even find that tribe that reignites your passions and your different loves.

You find that tribe and you use that tribe to ignite the passions inside of you into the diamond that you truly are.

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