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Madazon Can-Can

Madazon Can-Can 2.jpg

The end game of my existence is be radically happy. 

To be unexplainably joyful to the point that it confuses people and disturbs the overtly comfortable from their living slumbers.

It is not to serve someone else. 

It is not to be an empty vessel waiting for someone or something to fill me with what they deem my life's work.

It is not to wait for babies and dicks and approval. It is to be...radically happy.

I determine this for me. 

I determine my happy and it has nothing to do with my body. 

It has everything to do with my voice and my choice to fucking use it however I see fit. 

Can you see me as more than a walking vulva? 

Can you understand that I am indeed a human with some important things to say? 

With desires of my own and with a fire that will burn through every doubt and expectation you place upon me.

I am my own first. 

I will remain this way until the end of my days.

Loud, proud and unexplainably happy.

Because I spent time learning the secret.

That I'm in charge 

and that I'm more than my body.

I'm also a mind and a beating, bleeding heart.

I am big teeth and big tits and big ideas.

I used to ask, "Can I make art and not babies?"

Now I demand, "You will not tell me what I'm here to make. Only I can do that."

I am my own first

It took me so long to find me.

And I will never lose me again.

And knowing that makes me so damn happy.

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