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Melissa Allison

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You know, I wasn't born like this, but I had the promise of me the whole time.

Life tried to shoot me down, but this Goddess inside - Aphrodite, wouldn't let me quit.

But oh, how I tried.

I sold out, gave up, started over. Always asking, wanting for more.

Living on a hamster wheel I lovingly called, "Jaguar." "XJS" if you're nasty.

But life kept on beating me, demanding I stay down, so I did.

I stayed in a marriage that felt like slow suicide.

I got religious, prestigious, even sanctified - and all the while slowly dying.

But, here's the thing about Aphrodite, a well-known fact.

She's as fertile as the day is long.

So, while I was pretending my hamster wheel was a luxury car,

she lovingly, generously, patiently encouraged her seeds to take root.

All this for one such as I.

Five babies later, bankrupt and alone, what more could I lose?

I fucked up the Stepford clone.

So this Goddess who waited patiently by, took her place, right here, center stage,

and let all the bullshit go by.

So, now here I stand in all this Goddess glory. Realizing one simple truth - it's all just a story.

The lies I believed, that I told to fit in...all the while feeling this Goddess who would not let me quit.

Waiting for permission to come into the light when all I had to do was claim my birthright.

Hello, I'm Aphrodite.

Now tell me, who are you?

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