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Having fun with friends

Hanging out with my friends.

Listening to UPR

Listening to my favorite shows on Utah Public Radio. The Moth, Morning Edition and Access Utah

KSL Scholarship

Dr. Candi Carter-Olson and Dr. Cathy Bullock after I was awarded the KSL Scholarship at CHASS Night.

Napoleons Pass, Switzerland

Almost at the end of my snowshoe hike up Napoleon's Pass to the St. Bernard Hospice in Switzerland.

Elevation at the hospice

Outside on the hospice wall


The best tiramisu and limoncello in the world at Bar Ristorante Du Lac in Italy.


Guess who's got a ticket to the Eiffel Tower!!!!

The Living Planet Aquarium

PR to hear PRSSA presentation from LLPA's Suzy Broadbent!

The family

My eldest son's wedding.

Two places at one time

Walking from Switzerland into Italy with class from USU, June 2014. One foot in Switzerland and the other in Italy.

Château de Chillon

Inside the Château de Chillon, Switzerland. June 2014.

The Italian Alps

Just inside Italy with the Alps behind me.


Recording In Sub-Control at Utah Public Radio

Move over Gidget

California girl surfs for the first time in Waikiki.

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