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It was while going through her divorce that Melissa Allison identified her inner goddess as Aphrodite and vowed to breathe life into her. In that process, she discovered that fear is her true north and her secret to unlocking the life she dreamt of.

Anyone who knows Melissa will tell you, once she finds a treasure, she shares it with the world and her new perspective on fear was no different.  She soon started a podcast encouraging people to redefine the forbidden in their lives called, “Loving the F."

The forbidden is different for everyone of course, but you know what we're talking about:

  • Taking a dance class

  • Asking for the raise

  • Starting your own business

  • Asking someone out

  • Buying your first home

  • Traveling abroad - ALONE...

No one understands that feeling more. 

The following year she developed Waking Aphrodite, a

Melissa Allison About.jpeg


platform for women who want to "reinvent" themselves, and launched via a burlesque variety show in which she not only emceed but performed. Having lived most of her life trusting everyone else's opinion (and suffering the consequences) Melissa is grateful she finally found the courage to leave the toxic, 16-year marriage and the religion she was born into.  

Returning to college, she was determined to overcome the inner critic that told her she'd fail because she is dyslexic, and graduated with honors.

No longer a captive to the lies she had subscribed to for far too long, she is able to live the life she dreamed of - a life filled with adventure, growth and evolution.

On the subject of reinvention, Melissa has said,

"I wanted to reinvent myself and thought I had to change everything. What I discovered is
first, it's not a reinvention - it's a remembering. And second, the only thing I had to change
was my narrative. Once I did that - everything fell into place."
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