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Empowerment Coaching 3

A one-on-one coaching program for soulful women who are ready to move through their fears in order to create the life they dream of. To leave feeling connected, joyful, and on the path to creating the life you thought was forbidden. 

Are you ready to become her?

Your inner goddess that is?

If somewhere deep down you know there is more for you, but you aren't quite sure how to access it - I am here to help. As an empowerment coach, I help you reconnect to that power and use it to reign in the reality that's been calling to you. Because when you are in your power and begin to embody that version of yourself- rapid shifts happen in your life. 

- spiritual empowerment coach - intuitive life coach - embodiment coach - personal empowerment - mindset shifts

Does this sound familiar?
I know there has to be more for me in life, I just feel lost.

I wish I could feel more confident, sexy, and powerful.
I'm tired of living my life according to everyone else's rules. 

I know I am ready for change but I am not sure how to start.

I know I have so much more to unlock- success, love, my intuition. 
If so you are in the right place...
What if I told you, that dream version of yourself already lives and breathes within, and not only do you have everything you need to liberate her, it's easier than you might think?

The hard part? Believing it.

In the Empowerment Coaching program, you will be guided toward doing just that. Shifting your belief, reclaiming your power, and creating aligned action toward the life you truly desire. 

Through a blend of intuitive channeling, coaching, and practical planning- stepping into your inner power not only feels amazing but actually helps you to shift your life. 

So, consider this your invitation to begin the journey of healing, empowering, and trusting yourself and your inner compass which guides you to the promise of you.

The thing I love about Aphrodite is, though she is flawed,

she doesn't let it stop her from being a goddess.

The Empowerment Program
Week 1:

Uncovering limiting beliefs & what's keeping you stuck: Tapping into what you have written off as forbidden for yourself, life, and emotions, to set you free from the limits holding you back. ​​

Week 2:
Empowerment tools & goal setting:
Here you will be intuitively supported while we explore your soul's calling, intuitive gifts, and how to trust yourself. 

Week 3:
Rituals & Action Planning:
By our third week together we will focus on embodiment. How can you live, breathe, and walk through life as the confident and empowered person you are. We will design custom rituals to support your journey and keep you in alignment with your goals and energetic shifts. 

Week 4:
Integration & Mindset:
On week 4 you will be guided through a goddess ceremony. Here you will commit to the new version of yourself and the life you want to embody and live. You will be ushering in this new chapter of your life, creating space for the evolution of you. 

Additional tools: 
- Workbook to help you integrate between session
- Voxer support so you never feel alone
- Custom homework and tools to help you navigate and create sustainable change
- Embodiment and Intuitive practices to use for life
Total Investment $777
(Payment Plans Available)
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